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Technology is definitely a game changer inwards today’s classroom. Its pervasive widespread inwards educational settings speaks volumes close the growing importance nosotros come upwardly to house inwards it. However, piece many teachers bring already domesticated or in addition to thus of this engineering scientific discipline into their daily workflow (e.g, preparing handouts in addition to docs, creating lesson plans, communicating alongside students in addition to parents…etc) a pragmatic leverage of this engineering scientific discipline for instructional purposes remains barely noticeable. By pragmatic leverage nosotros hateful the utilisation of engineering scientific discipline to heighten substitution cognitive skills such equally higher lodge thinking skills, critical thinking skills, in addition to work solving to lift a few.Technology integration inwards this feel is non an halt inwards in addition to past times itself past times a means, a roadmap to facilitate teaching in addition to learning.

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Working towards a student-centerer pedagogy where engineering scientific discipline is used effectively to do optimal learning experiences for students mandates careful planning in addition to strategic execution. It also requires teachers to educate a working agreement of the pedagogical implications in addition to technical expertise involved inwards the the engineering scientific discipline they are planning to use. To this halt in addition to to assist you lot brand informed decisions regarding integration of engineering scientific discipline inwards your teaching methodology,  TPACK (technological pedagogical in addition to content knowledge) is an approach you lot should definitely consider. Think of it  as a theoretical framework to non exclusively approximate your instruction engineering scientific discipline practices merely to also take away you lot towards a to a greater extent than nuanced in addition to pedagogically audio integration of engineering scientific discipline inwards your teaching.

According to Harris et al. TPACK-based approach ‘ goes beyond technocentric strategies in addition to emphasizes the importance of helping teachers educate in addition to apply integrated in addition to interdependent understandings of technology, pedagogy, content, in addition to context.’(p. 396). TPACK is composed of 3 interlocking components of teacher’s knowledge: content noesis (CK), pedagogical noesis (PK), in addition to technological noesis (TK).

Here is inwards brief overview of what each of these components mean. For a detailed explanation of TPACK approach, delight refer to Hariss et al.'s article (reference include at the halt of this post):

1- Content Knowledge (CK)
This is the dependent or dependent related knowledge. This noesis  we impart to students inwards class. For instance,  "in the illustration of fine art appreciation,  such noesis would include noesis of fine art history, famous paintings, sculptures, the influence of artists’ historical in addition to social contexts, equally good equally noesis of aesthetic in addition to psychological theories for agreement in addition to evaluating art.”(p. 397)

2-Pedagogical Knowledge (PK)
This is 'metalearning', i that is concerned alongside the processes, methods in addition to methodologies involved inwards teaching in addition to learning. These methods include teaching strategies used inwards class, lesson planning, classroom management, assessment strategies, comprehension banking concern tally techniques in addition to many more.

3- Technological Knowledge
Harris et al. describes this form of noesis equally beingness inwards ‘state of flux’ for engineering scientific discipline is constantly evolving making it difficult to precisely formulate a self-contained Definition of what engineering scientific discipline noesis actually signifies. Shunning from equating it alongside a sure as shooting laid of tools or literacies, a full general conceptualization of TK tin endure formed to refer to the productive utilisation of engineering scientific discipline for ‘information processing, communication, in addition to work solving’(398).

To larn to a greater extent than close how TPACK plant in addition to how you lot tin utilisation it inwards your teaching, sentry this wonderful brusk video from Candace M.

Harris J, Mishra P, Koehler thou (2009) Teachers’ technological pedagogical content noesis in addition to learning activeness types: curriculum-based engineering scientific discipline integration reframed. J Res Technol Educ 41(4):393–416.
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