Lancome Tonique Confort Facial Toner. Oooo La La

Obsessed: Lancome Tonique Confort Facial Toner 13.5fl oz $46
iii words. I Love It. First off, I received this production along amongst a total size Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF thirty Day Cream and 1 of the L'Absolu Lacquer - Long Wear Lip Gloss inwards Fuchsia from Influenster. The lip gloss (I'll review that too) I am every bit obsessed amongst but this tonique is pretty much amazing.

 I received this production along amongst a total size Bienfait Multi Lancome Tonique Confort Facial Toner. Oooo La La
Tonique Confort

First Impression
The await together with the shape of this bottle is pretty much similar the other toners together with the makeup remover that Lancome offers. It is an slowly to pocket bottle amongst a screw off top. When you lot take away the piece of job past times at that spot is a small-scale opening hence you lot tin give notice dispense a small-scale total of the production carefully without pouring out likewise much.

The Tonique Confort has the slight pinkish tint due to the rose reference. When you lot pour a small-scale total into the palms of your hand, it is sparse similar water, soundless a creamy consistency that exactly soaks into your skin. I love it. According to their website the ingredients include honey, hydrogenated castor stone oil together with sugariness almond protein. Let's apace speak most the benefits of those iii cardinal ingredients.

Honey is known hence convey smoothing properties as good as beingness a natural antibacterial agent. Did you lot know that it is also known to dull downward aging?
Hydrogenated Castor Oil has anti inflammatory properties that calm together with soothe sensitive skin. Due the ricinoleic acid, a strong obese acid that helps protect the peel 1 time again invading bacteria.
Sweet Almond Protein has vitamin E, vitamin A, protein, potassium together with more. The vitamin eastward volition protect your peel from UV radiations harm together with helps the peel seem gratis of fine lines aka aging lines.
Now I empathize why Lancome included it. All  of these ingredients are peel protecting, smoothing together with anti-aging. I actually exercise LOVE this toner.

Application Method
After I take away my makeup I cleanse my facial expression upward amongst 1 of my facial cleansers. On the days that I wearable a lot of makeup I role both a cleansing bar together with The Body Shop's Tea Tree Facial Cleanser to take away left over makeup together with stone oil that is sitting on the surface. Rinsing my facial expression upward amongst cool H2O I together with hence pat it dry out slightly. Next I pour a dime size total of Tonique Confort into my hands together with press it gently onto my facial expression upward together with neck. I together with hence massage it avoiding the eyes due to the fragrance that is added which tin give notice campaign a possible reaction.

Overall Impressions
It's the perfect combination of a toner together with a actually sparse moisturizer. I actually exercise love this product. Some days I am afraid to role it because I exercise non desire to come across it all gone. If you lot guys together with girls convey non picked you lot upward a bottle yet, together with hence brand certain you lot do. Granted mine was au gratis but at that spot is smaller bottle for $26 OR Ulta Beauty offers a collection $26 The Bienfait Multi-Vital Starter Kit.
 I received this production along amongst a total size Bienfait Multi Lancome Tonique Confort Facial Toner. Oooo La La
Bieffait Multi-Vital Starter Kit

The kit includes Creme-Mousse Confort, Tonique Confort, Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF thirty Day Cream together with the Bienfait Multi-Vital Night Creme. That's a pretty awesome deal!

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