Is The Route To Perfection Going Also Far?

Is the route to perfection going likewise far? It's no hugger-mugger that these days nosotros are on a mission to live perfect. So perfect that nosotros equally human beings volition produce whatever as well as everything to nip as well as tuck, conceal as well as maximize whatever imperfection that solely nosotros see. Sometimes I wonder though, when is it enough? Introducing Camouflage.
s no hugger-mugger that these days nosotros are on a mission to live perfect Is The Road To Perfection Going Too Far?
Camouflage Procedure
Credit: Rodolpho Torres Instagram
Camouflage is a physical care for that I stumbled upon today on my LinkedIn feed. One of my connections posted a video of a guy getting his nighttime nether eyes colored inwards amongst a flesh colored ink past times whom I idea was a surgeon. Turns out he is non a surgeon. He is Portuguese tattoo creative somebody Rodolpho Torres who created this technique after spending 10 years specializing inwards these types of cosmetic procedures on women. The affair that actually caught my involvement was that it was a guy seeking this shape of perfection. Guys are pretty much into whatever as well as everything that women are currently as well as then I should non convey been surprised!

Take a aspect at these video clips from Rodolpho Torres' Instagram page.

After viewing this video I wanted to know to a greater extent than as well as then I did a quick search as well as hopefully this volition respond a few of your questions.

What Is The Proper Term For This 
"Camouflage", due to Torres using a flesh colored ink that is meant to blend into the skin.

What Areas of the Body Are Camouflaged Performed On
Under oculus area, on exceed of the brows as well as places where stretch marks occur.

How Much Does It Cost
The toll is non listed on silent according to the website budgets, scheduling as well as evaluations are done through WhatsApp

Where is Rodolpho Located
He is based inwards South America. The website is inwards Portuguese as well as I am assuming that he is Brazilian.

Side Note. Under oculus darkness tin sack live due to a publish of things. There is genetics, bruised skin, medication reactions, the lack of blood flowing to that surface area as well as also straining the eyes. Then let's touching on upon stretch marks. Stretch marks laissez passer on off when gaining as well as losing weight. To around it is a proud sign, to others it is a flaw that they would rather non see. Not all people larn stretch marks exactly if you lot laissez passer on off to run into the vertical lines where the peel has been pulled you lot right away know that you lot convey an selection to "Camouflage" them. 

My thoughts on this physical care for is I desire to run into more. Show me a calendar week past times calendar week updates using pictures or a video. By doing this viewers such equally myself volition know if this fades as well as how rapidly it fades. I also desire to know what the hurting grade is from the 24-hour interval of the physical care for until a calendar week afterwards. Knowing what to aspect is crucial. Don't forget to include the horror stories. People desire to know the good, bad as well as the ugly. As a tattoo enthusiast as well as someone who knows how the colors fade, I desire to run into all of this earlier making a lastly decision.


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