Here Is A Keen Tool For Creating Interactive Videos

Vibby is a novel video platform that allows users to exercise interactive video learning experiences. The operate of Vibby is to enable you lot to pattern interactive video content geared towards engaging learners together with enhancing communication. Using Vibby, you lot volition move able to highlight, portion together with verbalize over parts of whatsoever online video.  As a teacher, you lot tin utilize this video platform to engage students through discussions held to a greater extent than or less the content of the video. Students tin add together their comments together with telephone commutation their thoughts most specific points inward the video.

Vibby allows you lot to re-use existing videos to engage your learners to a greater extent than or less the video content you lot created or curated for them. You tin also choose whatsoever YouTube video together with acquire inward interactive past times seamlessly highlighting the exact moments you lot desire to depict your students attending to. Comments tin move added correct on the video creating synchronous interaction amidst students.

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