Here Is How To Runway Changes Inwards Your Shared Google Documents

One of the best features that grade Google Docs equally a powerful collaborative writing platform is the ‘revision history’. Using ‘revision history’ allows you lot to run into all the changes you lot or others working amongst you lot on the same document convey made. All portions of text that convey been added to the document are highlighted inwards a dissimilar colour. Omitted text is displayed amongst a strikethrough.

Another interesting collaborative characteristic from Google Docs is called ‘See novel changes’. This is especially useful for co-writing documents. When working on a document amongst other collaborators, you lot volition travel able to run into the changes added to the document equally shortly equally you lot opened upward it.

 When at that topographic point are novel changes to the physician a bluish push reading ‘see novel changes’ volition travel displayed side yesteryear side to the Help menu. You tin too access this novel characteristic yesteryear clicking on File as well as selecting ’See novel changes’. As is the illustration amongst ‘revision history’,  added text is highlighted inwards a dissimilar color as well as deleted text is marked amongst a strikethrough. To run into the revision history spell viewing the novel changes, click 'See amount history' inwards the exceed right.

Check out Google Docs Help page to acquire more.
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