Handy Google Classroom Features For Teachers

Here are some practical features to deal you lot brand the best of Google Classroom inwards your instruction. Most of these features are focused on rendering Classroom to a greater extent than interactive as well as collaborative.

1- Engage students amongst question-driven debates
With this novel update teachers are able to add together to a greater extent than interactivity to the content they portion amongst their students inwards Classroom past times posing questions as well as allowing students to respond as well as concur discussions but about them. ‘ For example, you lot could postal service a video as well as inquire students to respond a inquiry well-nigh it, or postal service an article as well as inquire them to write a paragraph inwards response.’

2- Re-use posts
Teachers straight off are able to re-use materials they used inwards the previous schoolhouse year. You tin easily see an assignment or an statement from i of your final year’s classes as well as add together the changes you lot desire as well as hence portion it amongst your students. This applies both to the classes you lot instruct or the ones you lot co-teach.

3- Calendar Integration
Starting adjacent month, Classroom volition automatically practise a calendar for each of your classes inwards Google Calendar as well as all assignments amongst due dates volition survive kept updated. You volition likewise survive able to access your calendar correct from your Classroom page.

Other interesting features  include:
‘A-Bump a post:
When you lot desire to brand certain an older detail is slowly for students to find, you lot tin straight off movement whatever postal service to the operate past times of the stream.
B- Due dates optional:
For long-term projects or student-driven assignments, you’ll straight off accept the choice to practise assignments that don’t accept due dates.
C- Attach a Google Form to a post: 
Many teachers accept been using Google Forms equally an slowly agency to assign a test, quiz or survey to the class. Coming inwards the adjacent few weeks, teachers as well as students volition before long survive able to attach Google Forms from Drive to posts as well as assignments, as well as larn a link inwards Classroom to easily sentiment the answers.’
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