A Handy Google My Maps Tip For Teachers In Addition To Students

Google My Maps is a powerful tool for creating in addition to editing maps to purpose alongside students inwards class. Besides its integration alongside Google Drive, My Maps offers a broad diverseness of interesting features that brand map creation a unproblematic business alongside no major learning curve. Check out these resources to larn to a greater extent than virtually how to become virtually setting upwardly your offset map using My Maps.

In today’s post, nosotros desire to peculiarly highlight i real of import characteristic which is oftentimes overlooked past times many teachers. This is the mightiness to impress at a high resolution (4 times your screen’s resolution) both maps yous practice in addition to those shared alongside yous in addition to fifty-fifty maps yous constitute on other websites. Also, 'Your printed map includes a legend, which lists the map’s layers (including their placemarks in addition to other features) in addition to whatsoever saved directions that were selected inwards the left panel. '

Here is how to impress your map:
  • In the left panel, click the map carte push clitoris . Or, if the map is view-only, click the portion icon .
  • Click Print map. (If yous don’t come across this option, brand certain you’re signed inwards to your Google account.)
  • In the “Print map” dialog, choose the page size, orientation, in addition to output type:
  • PDF: Creates a PDF file, which yous tin download to your computer.
  • Image: Opens your browser’s Print dialog.
  • Click Print
Source: My Maps Help page.
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