A Cracking App To Aid Students Showcase Their Learning

30hands is an splendid app to usage alongside students inwards class. You tin usage it for a broad diversity of purposes from creating demos as well as tutorials to crafting visually appealing presentations as well as videos. Students tin usage it to exercise multimedia productions showcasing their learning  in the cast of a slideshow alongside well narration, or through an audio-enhanced icon portfolios to cite only a few examples. Given its intuitive interface as well as unproblematic layout, 30hands tin hold upward used alongside unlike historic menses groups.

30hands is too neat for digital storytelling. Students tin add together images as well as depict slides as well as then suit them past times a unproblematic drag as well as drop. They tin too tape as well as add together well for each slide as well as then preview their creation earlier publishing it equally a video to the Camera roll, Dropbox or Google Drive.

‘For teachers Flipping the Classroom or older students creating presentations inwards Slides, PPT, Keynote:
- Bring all slides into 30hands inwards ane pace as well as then narrate + annotate to exercise a flipped video or projection video
- It takes ane infinitesimal inwards 30hands PRO vs. xv 2nd inwards 30hands FREE vs. 30+ 2nd inwards other apps
- This tin salve huge amounts of fourth dimension as well as obstacles to flipping the classroom
- Output for flipped videos tin hold upward published at High Res for easier reading when text is used ’

Check out the video below to larn to a greater extent than how to usage 30hands to flip your classroom.

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