7 Basic Youtube Features Students Should Know About

YouTube is undoubtedly a non bad source of educational video content to usage alongside students inward class. whether you lot are looking for bailiwick specific content or generic insights elated to professional person evolution together with teaching, YouTube’s video library has you lot covered. YouTube is also a versatile video editor where you lot tin create together with edit your ain videos. It truly provides all the editing features you lot would usually uncovering inward a pro video editing software together with all for free.

Given the growing educational potential of YouTube, nosotros guide maintain created a section inward this spider web log where nosotros part a plethora of resources to attention you lot brand the best out of this platform inward your ain teaching. And inward Today's post service  we are featuring to a greater extent than interesting tips to move along inward hear when using YouTube :

1- Build a playlist of your favourite videos
This is a real interesting characteristic for teachers. You tin create a playlist of educational videos you lot curate on YouTube together with part it alongside your students. Here is how to brand a novel playlist
  • Click Add to underneath a video
  • Enter a mention for your playlist
  • Decide if you lot would similar your playlist to live Public, Private, or Unlisted. 
  • Click Create

2- Embed videos together with playlists
If you lot guide maintain a classroom spider web log or website, you lot tin acquire ahead together with embed videos together with playlists inward your platform using the next steps:

A- Here’s how to embed a video:
  • Click the Share link nether the video.
  • Click the Embed link.
  • Copy the code provided inward the expanded box.
  • Paste the code into your spider web log or website.

B- Here’s how to embed a playlist:
  • Click Playlists on the left side of your YouTube page
  • Click the playlist championship you'd similar to embed.
  • Click the Share link.
  • Click the Embed link.
  • Copy the embed code that appears inward the bill of fare below.
  • Paste the code into your website or blog.
3- Videos alongside captions
Captions automatically transcribe verbal content of YouTube videos. Captions are alone available on videos whose owners guide maintain enabled this characteristic together with also on a select few videos where YouTube automatically provides them. Captions come upward inward dissimilar languages together with inward instance your linguistic communication is non included you lot tin opt for auto-translated captions which usage Google Translate to interpret the captions.

Here is how to  to enable auto-translated captions:
  • Click on the captions icon at the bottom of the video
  • Click Options
  • Click Translate Captions
  • Click to select a language
  • Click OK
Watch the video below to acquire to a greater extent than nigh how to run on together with off captions.

4- Create together with edit annotations
Annotations allow you lot to brand your videos interactive together with depict to a greater extent than engagement from your viewers.  With annotations you lot tin easily layer text, links together with hotspots over your videos. Here is how to access annotations together with add together them to your video:

  • Go to your channel Video Manager
  • Next to the video you lot wishing to edit, click the downward arrow to the correct of the Edit push clitoris together with select Annotations
  • Click the Add musical note push clitoris on the right.
  • Click Apply changes when you've finished creating your annotations.
Watch the video below to acquire to a greater extent than nigh annotations

5- Add subtitles together with shut captions
'Subtitles together with shut captions opened upward up your content to a larger audience, including deaf or difficult of hearing viewers or those who verbalize languages also the 1 spoken inward your video. They also human activity every bit metadata that helps your videos exhibit upward inward to a greater extent than places on YouTube.
To add together novel subtitles or shut captions to a video:
  • Go to your Video Manager.
  • Next to the video you lot desire to add together captions or subtitles to, click the drop-down bill of fare side past times side to the Edit button.
  • Select Subtitles together with CC.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the linguistic communication that's spoken most inward the video together with click Set language.
Note: If you lot modify the setting for the master copy linguistic communication of your video, all time to come translated subtitles volition usage the novel linguistic communication every bit the source for translations (your published together with draft subtitles together with shut captions won't live affected).
  • Click the Add subtitles or CC button.
  • Choose the linguistic communication for the subtitles or shut captions you lot desire to create. You tin usage the search bar to uncovering languages that don't automatically exhibit inward the list.
  • If you lot select a linguistic communication that you've already started working on, this volition accept you lot straight to your draft together with you lot tin start adding content again.
  • Choose how you lot desire to add together subtitles or shut captions to your video.'
6- Add well rail to your videos
Using the well swapping tool, you lot tin easily add together a broad multifariousness of songs to your videos. Many of these songs are available on YouTube’s costless Audio Library of licensed songs. Here is how to add together well tracks to your video

  • Go to your Video Manager page, together with click the arrow side past times side to Edit on the video you’d similar to edit
  • In the drop-down menu, click the Audio button
  • Select a rail past times clicking on it together with preview your video alongside the music rail added
  • Search for a rail using the search box, or browse past times genre using the Featured Tracks tab
  • Once you've institute a rail you lot like, click the Save button, together with the novel well volition live applied to your video. Audio tracks tin live positioned inward a precise piece of employment of your video using the seat well feature.
7- YouTube search tips 
There are several handy features together with tips that nosotros tin usage to homecoming our YouTube search much to a greater extent than focused together with acquire relevant search results.  To access whatever of these features, you lot require to run your search question on YouTube together with then inward the commencement search lawsuit page, click on "filter".

A- Upload date

YouTube allows you lot to filter your search results past times upload date.You tin hence search for videos that guide maintain been uploaded to YouTube inside :last hour, today, this week, this month, or this year.

B- Search past times type

You tin also search YouTube for certainly video channels, shows, movies, playlists or videos. To create this you lot require to select what you lot desire to search for from the 'type' column .

C- Duration

If you lot are looking for videos alongside specific duration you lot tin select it from the "duration" column. As of correct forthwith , Duration characteristic on YouTube allows you lot to search for videos that are four minutes or shorter, or videos that are twenty minutes or longer.

D- Search for hard disk videos together with 3D videos

The "Features" column allows you lot to select the variety of videos you lot desire to search for on YouTube. You tin for instance select whether you lot desire to search for alone hard disk videos, or videos alongside subtitles, Creative Commons videos, together with 3D videos.

E- Sorting videos
youTube also provides you lot alongside four dissimilar criteria to sort your YouTube videos. You tin sort them past times relevance, update date, thought count, or rating.

Source: YouTube Help page.
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