10 Of Import Google Slides Tips For Teachers

Google Slides is a powerful application that allows you lot to create, edit as well as percentage presentations. There are a broad multifariousness of interesting features provided past times Slides which acquire far an ideal presentation tool to utilisation inwards shape amongst students. First is its integration amongst Google Drive allowing you lot to non entirely salve your presentations to the cloud as well as access them across dissimilar devices but it also way that you lot tin integrate content from other apps such every bit Sheets, Docs, as well as Drawings correct into your slides.  The collaborative features such every bit co-editing as well as synchronous collaboration are also cracking for students grouping work.  Groups of students tin piece of occupation on the same presentation as well as hold upwardly able to remotely edit each others’ slides as well as rail revision history. Slides is also rattling piece of cake to utilisation as well as has a uncomplicated intuitive interface amongst no learning bend for students. For these as well as several other reasons, nosotros deemed of import to highlight the educational potential of this tool specially instantly that teachers are heading dorsum to school.

In today’s post nosotros are sharing amongst you lot 10 of import tips to enable you lot as well as your students to tap into the potential of Google Slides. The operate is to aid you lot brand engaging presentations to heighten the learning taking house inwards class.

1- Import a theme

Slides allows you lot to utilisation external themes inwards your presentations. To import a topic into your presentation, click on ‘Themes’ as well as then select ‘Import theme’. You tin either direct themes you lot cause got already saved to your Drive or utilisation the upload push to upload themes from your computer.

2- Add transitions to your slides

Slides provides dissimilar types of transitions to animate your slides. You tin customize the animations every bit you lot like. For instance, you lot tin  integrate a dissimilar animation for each slide or utilisation a unmarried animation for all slides. You tin also command the speed of your animations choosing betwixt slow, medium as well as fast. To apply transitions to your slides, click on ’Transitions’ as well as then click on the drop-down carte du jour to direct from animation types.

3- Allow collaborators to edit as well as comment on your presentation

As the creator as well as possessor of a Google Slides presentation, you lot cause got the mightiness to invite collaborators to contribute to your slides giving them around of your admin’s privileges. You tin allow them to edit your slides, comment on them or but thought them. To practice this , click on the blueish push ’Share’, type inwards the emails of your collaborators as well as select from the drop-down carte du jour what you lot desire them to hold upwardly able to practice amongst your presentation.

4- Apply dissimilar layouts to dissimilar slides

Depending on the content of your presentation, you lot may desire to construction the shape of your slides differently. For instance, you lot may desire to add together a slide amongst championship as well as trunk only, around other slide amongst championship as well as ii columns…etc. To apply these layouts, scroll upwardly or downward to  the slide you lot desire to construction (this tin also hold upwardly done when you lot add together a novel slide)  and click on ’Slide’ as well as ‘Apply layout’ as well as then direct from the layouts provided there.

5- Import Slides

Google Slides allows you lot to import .pptx as well as .pps files as well as convert them to Google presentations. You tin also import slides from other Google presentations you lot created inwards the past. To practice this click on ’Insert’ as well as then select ‘Import Slides’.

6- Insert videos as well as images into your slides

To brand engaging presentations you lot should definitely reckon adding around multimedia content into your slides. Google Slides allows you lot to add together videos, drawings, pictures, shapes, tables, as well as Word Art correct into your presentation. To practice this, click on ‘Insert’ as well as select the type of content you lot desire to add.

7- Integrate a dissimilar linguistic communication inwards your presentation

You tin utilisation your keyboard to write inwards dissimilar languages provided the keyboard supports the characters of the target linguistic communication you lot desire to use. However, switching to a dissimilar linguistic communication inwards Slides tin hold upwardly done through an integrated characteristic constitute nether ‘File’ where you lot tin access a huge listing of supported languages. Using this characteristic volition enable Slides' automatic piece depository fiscal establishment lucifer to easily honour tying mistakes inwards your writing of the target language. This saves you lot fourth dimension as well as makes your text neat as well as clean. To switch to around other language, click on ‘File’, direct ‘Language’ as well as pick  the i you lot desire to utilisation from the listing there.

8- Stylize the text of your presentation

You tin customize the typography of your text the way you lot want. You tin direct a dissimilar font, colour, size…etc. However, at that spot are also other features you lot tin apply to your text which are non apparent from the authoring menu, these are hidden nether the push ‘More’. From at that spot you lot tin add together bulleted lists, numbered lists, increase/decrease indent, as well as laid the administration of text from correct to left or left to right.

9- See revision history

This is specially useful when you lot are working amongst collaborators on the same presentation. You tin easily rail each others’ edits as well as encounter a history of all the revisions applied to the slides. To practice this, click on ‘File’ as well as then select ’See revision history’.

10- Download your presentations every bit a .pdf, .ppt, .svg, .jpg, or .txt file

Besides beingness able to issue as well as embed your Google Slides presentations into a spider web log or website, you lot also cause got the selection to download them inwards dissimilar formats including .pdf, .ppt, .svg, .jpg, or .txt file. To practice this click on ‘File’ as well as then on ‘Download’ as well as direct the format you lot want.
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